Commercial Boiler All Architecture And Design Gas

Commercial Boiler All Architecture And Design Gas

Fuel gas control step and the blowing process air volume of the total fuel gas steam commercial boiler all architecture and design steam boiler is achieved by adjusting a liquid coupling scoop blower. Organization fuel gas steam boiler combustion, is to make a, air pressure, air flow of secondary air with the good. Adjusting the amount of primary air should meet it carries the fuel into the furnace ignition of volatile oxygen required, and to maintain a certain speed, and without clogging the fuel discharge pipe of the jet having a certain rigidity. Primary air volume is too large and too small, the wind speed is too high and too low, should be avoided. In addition to adjusting the secondary air of combustion of the fuel should ensure that the oxygen demand, but must maintain a certain wind speed and primary air is mixed with the master time should have a strong stirring and mixing coke penetrate "the Gray" kinetic , which requires the case may be, each layer of the secondary air flow rate, in order to achieve stable combustion and flue gas excess oxygen appropriate destination. Fuel gas steam boiler, secondary air with what is better? Primary air volume air volume of the total share is called the primary air rate. A small air fraction, pulverized coal is heated to at least the heat required for the ignition point, fire faster, but the amount of primary air to satisfy the principle of combustion of volatiles. Secondary air mixed with the primary air time to the right. If it is mixed before ignition, means an increase in the amount of primary air, so that the ignition delay; hypoxia combustion secondary air if mixed will make late after ignition; if secondary air is mixed all at one position, since the secondary air temperature well below flame temperature, the flame temperature decreases, the combustion slows down, causing the fire. Therefore, the secondary air mixed with fuel should be based on the nature of the combustion zone as required timely sent, so that the combustion of oxygen, and will not reduce the flame temperature to ensure complete combustion and ignition stability. One or two wind speed with what is better? Fuel gas steam boiler once the wind speed is high, the fuel gas stream will catch fire in places far away from the burner, the ignition point postponed; once the wind speed is too low, it will cause a blocked ducts, and ignition point is too far forward, the burner will burn , but also easy to coke near the burner.

We are offering energy efficient Steam Boilers in different sizes and capacities which are easy to install and assemble. These steam commercial boiler all architecture and designs are available in different finish specifications with available choices including steam boiler Boiler in capacity of from 1 ton horizontal Steam boiler to 35 ton horizontal Steam boiler. According to different fuel , horizontal Steam boiler for sale in Pakistan can be typed as Wood fired steam boiler , husk fired boiler , gas fired boiler and oil fired boilers.

Concern the 2014 APEC summit (referred to as APEC), held in Beijing Huairou Yanqi ecological demonstration zones on November 10, multinational leaders are to attend an important meeting. The summit venue construction attaches great importance to environmental protection work. In selecting venues commercial boiler all architecture and design heating and hot water services, to the summit to make clear that emissions of nitrogen oxides boiler, perform extremely strict NOx emission standards around the venue --60 mg / cubic meter. Carefully selected, nitrogen oxide emissions technology in the international advanced level of fast Boiler become the ultimate winner. Gas hot water boiler fast boiler developed the production of ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, gas steam boiler, integrated condensing boiler has become the summit heating and hot water designated products.

Comparison of coal-fired steam commercial boiler all architecture and design and gas steam boiler? Which is more cost-effective? There will be new users are asked coal-fired steam boiler and gas steam boiler which is more cost-effective in a number of economic operation? Believed to be ready to buy a steam boiler of every business relationship or personally, with you today, I will work together to analyze these two boilers in operating costs to do a comparison. First, the first point to analyze procurement costs: Because gas steam boiler in the annex above techniques and configurations to be clear lead and coal-fired steam boiler, gas steam boiler supporting a dedicated burner, put the cost of just one burner price opened, so that the same tonnage of steam boilers, steam boilers high gas prices than coal-fired steam boilers and more. The second point to analyze construction costs: The costs mainly from the boiler room, boiler tubes of steam investment funds. Where the coal-fired steam boiler because more appropriate auxiliary equipment, so in the boiler room construction funds to be more. There is a gas steam boiler automatic control operation, and automatic alarm and automatic protection function. Connected to the gas pipeline, the burner will automatically supply costs can effectively save staff. Coal-fired steam boiler because of the need of coal on the program, so in terms of personnel expenses wage will be larger. The third point to analyze the environmental cost: major review means that the coal-fired steam boilers now more stringent. The gas steam boiler due to the operation of the economy, environmental protection and energy saving, as well as government policy to encourage more and more widely used. The fourth point to analyze the cost of fuel: coal-fired steam boiler will be much higher than the steam boilers in gas fuels. After analyzing the above four points of view on coal in order to save operating costs more than gas steam boiler steam boiler, but coal-fired steam boiler steam boiler environmentally friendly than gas in environmental protection, environmental pollution is now increasing in recent years, so the state to environmental pollution control is relatively strict, so in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection point of view has an advantage gas steam boiler.

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Commercial Boiler All Architecture And Design Gas

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